CSM - Toxic Waste

CSM - Toxic Waste

Participants must transport toxic waste from a leaking container to a new one .


- Two coffee cans

- Golf balls or PVC elbows

- Bike tire with rope tied around it

- Retired rope

Rules and Set UpEdit

Make a circle on the ground with the retired rope.  Place the tire in the circle and lay the ropes outward from the tire. Make sure that all of the ropes reach just past the circle you made.  put the two coffee cans towards the middle of the circle, and put the toxic waste (PVC or golf balls) in one of them.  The players must each take a rope and only hold on to the end.  They use the rope/tire to transfer all of the toxic waste into the new container (the other coffee can).  If they reach or step inside the circle of rope, they must restart.  If any of the waste touches the ground, they must restart.


If your group is struggling, give them the hint to make a figure-8 with the tire and pull opposite ropes to make it tighter around the can.  A string can also be thrown or passed across the circle to the opposite side that it is tied on to make it easier to tilt the can.

If your group is strong, limit who can talk and see.  If you have more people than ropes, only allow those without a rope to see and/or speak.