CSM - Minefield

CSM - Minefield

Participants work as a team to cross the minefield.


- Tarp with duct tape grid

- Clipboard with mazes, or a piece of paper and a pen (to create your own maze)

Rules and Set UpEdit

Spread the tarp out on the ground and have all of the partipants stand at one end.  They need to work together to cross the tarp, through the minefield.  Only one person can be on the tarp at a time, and they must move one square at a time (either forward, backward, left, or right - no diagonals).  Using the pre-made mazes, or your own, tell the players if they are on a safe space, or if they have triggered a mine.  If they trigger a mine, they must go back to the beginning, if they don't, they are allowed to move to a new space.  Players take turns trying to cross the minefield until they have found their way across.  Everyone must safely cross the minefield to complete the game.  People who attempt to cross must wait until everyone attempts in order to make sure everyone gets to try.


If your group is struggling, you can give them the hint of marking safe squares with shoes, bracelets, or any other object they might have.  Or you can tell them they've won once one person finds their way. If your group is strong or if one or two people are taking over the game, limit who is able to speak (for instance make people who have already crossed unable to speak).  You can also make the person on the minefield blindfolded.